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Students facing accommodation crisis

Universities throughout the country are faced with an ever-increasing problem as their students struggle to find suitable accommodation and many institutions have reached student accommodation crisis level. Students come from all over the country to attend universities in the main centers, Gauteng in particular and yet they are faced with a chronic shortage of safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

With that being said, the student population increases, demand also rises for student accommodation which so far is experiencing a critical shortage, creating excellent property investment opportunities in South Africa. This is when shipping container companies noticed a gap in the market and conceptualized in coming up brilliant, innovative solutions that are quickly becoming a trend around the world.

Converting containers to functional student accommodation

Shipping container conversions have popped up all over the place in surprising ways from affordable student accommodation to modern homes. From start-to-finish, shipping containers conversions are revolutionizing the construction and development industry for the better. The modern design, affordability, and quick turnaround make for an incredible living space that many people enjoy. Johannesburg is integrating shipping containers in creative approaches for the crisis in the shortage of student accommodation in the city. This alternative for residential construction is increasing in popularity and offer a lot of benefits and advantages of traditional construction methods and materials for building any type of accommodation. But best of all, it has a unique style that allows it to stand out.

The conversion of containers process is always the first step in the process. Looking at existing student accommodations such as the Umhlanga Junction in Brixton which is built entirely out of shipping containers and the Mill junction in Newton where shipping containers were added on old grain silos.

The future for A&A containers

A&A container’s aim is to take part in this movement and do its part in innovating student accommodation using shipping containers and top of the line creative architecture. This is followed by the success of the A&A containers contribution to the remarkable construction of which 28 shipping container house for the New Jerusalem orphanage in Midrand. A&A containers is determined to reach the same success with the student accommodation project. They also offer quite a variety of products which are container classrooms, container shops, offices, and workshops, just to mention a few. And this comes without a doubt that as a shipping container company, they offer any solution for any spacing problem. The aim is to have a successful result that is integrated, high-tech, functional, affordable and fun for students.

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