Container Classrooms

Cost-effective container classrooms make learning easy

A major challenge many South African schools have to face, is a lack of classroom space for its learners. In some cases, such as in rural communities, teachers are forced to teach pupils outside – which, while it might sound like a pleasant experience – is actually quite distracting. Not to mention hazardous in severe weather conditions.

Thanks to the multi-functionality of shipping containers that have been converted, this problem can be addressed quickly and at low cost, making container classrooms an ideal solution that both teachers and learners will enjoy!

Benefits of container classrooms:

  • They are significantly cheaper and faster to erect than brick-and-mortar buildings
  • Containers can be transported anywhere, making it perfect for remote and under-resourced areas
  • Although mobile, it is as solid as a traditional building
  • Provides pupils and teachers with a decent, safe learning environment
  • Containers are weather-resistant and vandal-proofed
  • Can provide temporary learning space whilst new classrooms are being built or the school is being revamped
  • Once installed, the container requires virtually no maintenance

Features of A & A container classrooms:

A & A container classrooms can be fully customised, with features and layout to suit your needs. These include:

  • Different size containers
  • Fitted plumbing and electricity
  • Insulation to provide a more comfortable environment during colder months
  • Fitted windows to let in natural light and fresh air
  • Adding paintwork
  • Laying flooring or carpets
  • Installing bookshelves, built-in tables and other useful fixtures
  • Adding electrical wiring and light fixtures
  • installing air conditioning
  • Adding secure, lockable doors
  • Options are also available for enhanced security, fire safety and first aid equipment

We can also perform additional container conversions to meet a school’s particular requirements. These may include converting containers into ablution facilities (with toilets, washbasins and showers), libraries, computer centres, science laboratories etc.

How we work

A & A Containers carries out all conversion work at its own premises, thereby eliminating noise and other disruption issues normally associated with construction at the intended site. When the container is ready for use, it will then be transported to the location and set up according to the client’s specifications.

Our guarantee to you

Thanks to our many years’ experience and industry expertise, clients can rest assured that our containers are manufactured against the highest quality and safety levels, while paying close attention to detail.

If you need classroom container units, or any further information or assistance, be sure to contact A & A Containers today for quality containers. You’re welcome to call 011-794 6571/6 or email:

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