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Container conversions – if you can conceive it, we can convert it!

People all around the globe make use of container conversions for living and/or storage solutions. And when we say container, we are of course referring to shipping- or cargo containers, that were originally used to transport large volumes of products over great distances, typically via rail or sea. There are hundreds of thousands of these large metal boxes to be found in the world today, with many of them going unnoticed, unutilised and collecting dust – yet they can be used for so many wonderful purposes! And that’s where we come in…

Popular types of container conversions


Container classrooms are ideal for remote areas or as temporary solutions while classrooms are being built. These hardy units will keep learners and teachers cool in the African sun and provide a safe, clean and attractive learning environment.


Need a shop or depot for your products at a fraction of the building or rental cost? Then container shops are your answer! Whether it’s a spaza shop or high-end boutique – conversions can be made to suit your exact layout requirements and branding specifications.


Using containers to build your dream home is becoming a growing international trend for a number of fantastic reasons. They’re cost-effective, sturdy, and really easy to put together as they’re built to stack on top of each other. What’s more, container homes are eco-friendly, which means it’s good for mother earth too. And as far as customisation goes, only your imagination can hold you back!


Office containers make for a great permanent or temporary space solution. Aside from being secure, they are also fitted with all the amenities required for a fully operational business space, such as electricity, aircon, as well as customised decoration and branding.

Other types of useful conversions include ablution facilities, workshops, medical and laboratory facilities, mcc rooms, greenhouses and even container pools!

Benefits of using A & A container conversion units:

  • We will convert and custom manufacture anything according to our clients’ specifications and requirements
  • We can install bespoke fittings and finishes including custom interior design, branding applications, water management systems, weather resistant applications and air conditioning
  • Units are constructed off-site and delivered when ready. This means minimal interruption and noise disturbance
  • Quick lead time and top-quality workmanship


If you need quality container conversions, or any further information or assistance, be sure to contact A & A Containers today. You’re welcome to call 011-794 6571/6 or email:

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