Spaza Shop Containers Are Mobile & Versatile

Many families in South Africa have considered having a Spaza Shop to supplement their income. However, the success of the shop depends to a large extent on the location of the shop, since people will usually purchase items from the shop which is closest to them. At present most shops are conventional shops made from brick and mortar. However, these shops are fixed, so it is not easy to change the location of the shop without spending a lot of money. To avoid this problem, so that shop owners have greater flexibility in choosing the shop location, families and others should opt for Spaza Shop Containers which can be easily moved from one location to another depending on market conditions.

Often due to the construction of a new road, railway station, bus stop or other structure, the number of people visiting a particular area will increase significantly. In some cases, this new construction may also adversely affect the footfalls in other areas, causing losses to the shop owners in that area. So shop owners who wish to shift the location of their shop based on the number of visitors in a specific area will find the Shipping Container Spaza shop very convenient since they easily move it from one place to another without spending much money. The container shop is also strong since the containers are designed for use in tough conditions.

These container shops can also be used in popular tourist locations since in many areas, there are a lot of visitors during the peak season and the number of tourists declines during the off-peak season. These container shops can be easily and quickly unfolded to form a shop when required and have all the amenities found in a conventional shop. When not in use, at night or on holidays, they can be packed into their original container form and locked. This ensures that all the goods in the spaza shop are secure and will not get tampered by robbers and others.

The container spaza shops can be made from used or new containers depending on the budget of the customer. Since some land is required for placing these shops, they are more suitable for rural areas and small towns where the property rates are lower. If required, the containers in the shop can be stacked on top of each other. The shop can be designed so that it has a number of storage racks, where the different items being sold can be placed. The shop can be designed like a conventional shop, with a shutter on one side, which can be opened, when required, and locked when not in use.

A &A Containers Private Limited is a South African company which specializes in offering affordable solutions for the prefabricated industry and container industry. The company was founded in the year 1991 and its founder Andy Spenceley has many years experience in the container industry in the United Kingdom as well as Africa. The company specializes in container conversions based on their customer requirement. In addition to using the converted containers for spaza shops, the company has developed a large number of customized solutions for laboratories, clinics, coffee shops, and other applications.

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