What Affects The Cost of Refrigerated Container

A large number of food and other products should be kept at a low temperature, else the products will decay or are more likely to get spoiled. While businesses are usually using refrigerators for storing smaller quantities, for larger quantities a REFRIGERATED CONTAINER is the preferred option. Additionally, if they wish to transport frozen or cold goods to another destination or deliver to a customer, a frozen container is used. Businesses would like to find out how much a refrigerated container will cost so that they can decide if they wish to purchase it. In reality, the cost depends on a number of factors which are discussed below

Rental or purchase

The cost of a refrigerated container depends to a large extent, on whether the business wishes to purchase the container or lease it. This depends to a large extent on how frequently the container will be used by the business. If the container is used only once a month or less frequently, it will be economical to rent it. On the other hand, if the container is used almost daily, it will be cheaper to purchase it. The container seller can help determine the breakeven point for purchasing the container, depending on usage.

Used or new container

Since containers are transported over long distances by ship, rail or trucks, they are likely to get dents and scratches. Hence containers which are used for a longer period of time are usually far cheaper than new containers. Hence if a business is only using the container for transporting from one place to another, they can save money purchasing a used container, and repainting it. On the other hand, if the container is being kept in front of the office or shop, a dented container will adversely affect the image of the business, hence it is better to purchase a new container.

Size of container

Like other containers, the business can choose from refrigerated containers of various sizes. In addition to the higher initial investment required for larger containers, the maintenance cost of these larger containers is also higher since they consume more power for cooling. Hence it is advisable to purchase a small 6-meter container initially and can lease the large containers depending on the specific order or delivery requirement.

Remote monitoring

Since the container and its content are expensive many businesses prefer to purchase containers with a provision for remote monitoring. The location of these containers and temperature inside the container can be also tracked. However this service will add to the cost of the container, and it is advisable to ensure that the service provider is reliable.


Another major factor affecting the cost of a container will be the expenses incurred in transporting the container from one place to another. It should be noted that the transportation costs depend to a large extent on the size and weight of the container, with larger containers likely to have high transportation expenses

It should be noted that the refrigerated container is not designed to freeze items kept in it, it will only ensure that frozen items kept in it remain at the required temperature. Hence it is important to ensure that container with optimal size and rating should be selected.

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