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Rental containers are a cost-effective and convenient solution for various storage needs. They come in different sizes and can be rented for short or long-term periods. These containers are versatile and can be used to store personal belongings, equipment, or inventory for businesses. They are secure and made of sturdy steel to withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent unauthorized access. Rental containers are an excellent choice for temporary storage during renovations or a long-term solution for businesses. They offer a flexible and tailored option for storage needs and are:

Cost-effective: Converting a shipping container into an office can be more cost-effective than constructing or renting a traditional office space. Shipping containers are relatively inexpensive, and the cost of converting them into functional office spaces can be lower than building an office from scratch. Additionally, since many container offices are modular and can be easily relocated, you can save on long-term leasing costs and reduce the expense of setting up new office spaces in different locations.

Sustainability: Shipping container offices can be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional office spaces. Reusing shipping containers reduces the need for new construction materials and helps minimise waste. By incorporating energy-efficient features like solar panels, insulation, and energy-saving appliances, you can create a sustainable and environmentally friendly office space.

Flexibility and modularity: Shipping container offices offer great flexibility and modularity, allowing you to easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate your office space as needed. Containers can be stacked or combined in various ways to create custom layouts and accommodate changing needs. This modularity is especially beneficial for businesses that anticipate growth, plan to change locations, or need to adapt their office space for different purposes over time.

We offer Storage Containers in the following sizes:

Size3m6m12m12m High Cube
Imperial Measurements10-foot20-foot40-foot40-foot

We offer Rental Containers in the following sizes:

1 x Steel door
2 x NC2 Windows, complete with burglar bars
4 x NC2 Windows, complete with burglar bars
Painted Exterior only
Insulation – 50mm Sagex Polystyrene finished with 0.5 thick Chromadek in the walls & roof
Electrics (1 x Distribution board, 1.2M Twin Fluorescent lights, 2 x Double plug points)
Rubberised Flooring
1 x 9000 BTU Air Conditioner, heating & cooling with isolator
 1 x 12000 BTU Air Conditioner, heating & cooling with isolator

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Need a modified unit built to your requirements?

Need a modified unit built to your requirements?