Good day valued clients and suppliers

We are proud to announce the addition of Tyrone du Plessis to the A&A Containers Team from the 1st of September 2021.

Tyrone has 20 years of experience in the online software development implementation and project management profession. He has an excellent work ethic, is very good with people and his business knowledge will continue to foster the growth and development of A&A Containers.

As Andrew’s son-in-law, it was always the plan that Tyrone joins the team and was in the pipeline before his passing. It has always been Andy’s dream to see A&A Containers continue to prosper and thrive and grow from strength to strength.
We know that Andy was extremely passionate about family and his business – a business he had grown for the last 30 years.

With deep family values, Tyrone is determined to continue Andy’s legacy and take on this new role with enthusiasm and God’s grace. We are looking forward to watching A&A Containers continue to grow while running the race for God and making Andy proud.

As the business takes its next step, we would like to officially welcome Tyrone Du Plessis to the family. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with excellent service and great pricing and exceptional quality, and with Tyrone’s guidance, we look forward to seeing how our business evolves to an entirely new standard.

We look forward to you meeting Tyrone soon, however, if you wish to contact him directly, here are his details:


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